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What to ask when hiring a painting company

When you're trying to decide on what painting company to go with, it can seem like they all claim to do the same thing. Companies say “We guarantee our refinishing process will transform your kitchen.” When you want to have a home improvement job done, you want to make sure it's done right, so you don't have to pay even more money to fix what the painting company didn't do right. Here are some questions to ask any painting company on your next household project to ensure you'll get a company that knows what they're doing.

Do you provide free estimates? It’s beneficial because if you get an estimate for your project and it's out of your price range, you may be charged a fee.

Can I see a list of references? When trying to hire a company you always want to see their list of references so you have background knowledge of the company’s work. If the painting company is great at what they do, their list of references should be phenomenal. This is designed to make you feel comfortable having them do your home improvement project for you. If the company doesn't have or give you their references, it's a red flag and you should go with a different company. Additionally, and for peace of mind, we also recommend looking at their online reviews.

What paint are they going to use for the job and why? There are many painters who use various types of paint. The paint the company uses says a lot about the company as well. If the painting company uses a cheap, low-quality paint, you know they don’t take much pride in the work they do or how durable/long lasting it is for you. Having knowledge of how they choose their paint is a great way to figure out how durable the paint is. If the area is a high-traffic space or there is moisture, ask your painter if they recommend specialized paint. And get their reasons for that decision.

Do you do touch ups if something happens? With having kids and pets, sometimes things get crazy. If the painting company doesn't lay the product well or doesn't put enough coats on, it's easier for chips and scratches to happen, so you might need some touch ups. If the company is willing to come back and do touch-ups, this is a great service to take advantage of. Some painting companies give their clients care sheets to provide information to help with basic care after painting.

When trying to make the right decision about what painting company to use, it can seem like they all claim to do the same thing. With these tips and questions, you’ll have more of an idea of what to ask when hiring a painting company. Make sure your project is done right and get the outcome you deserve.

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