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Why waterborne is good business

We at Maverick usually pitch clients on why Milesi Wood Coatings is a superior product that will outlast and outperform other products in the marketplace. Truth is, our clients are in fact not the end users; their customers are.

Homeowners or business owners that are retaining the services of painters, woodworkers, and cabinet makers are the ones who stand to benefit the most from our products, they just need to see the value, and it's our job to get the message out.

9 times out of 10 we as end users don't know or care what products are being used in our homes, as long as they 1) look good 2) last and 3) don't break the bank. We have too many other things going on to be concerned about paint. After all, paint is paint, right?

In today's hyper-competitive marketplace, it's crucial that businesses differentiate their product offering. One way painters can do this is by highlighting not only their services as being more specialized, but also by communicating to customers why they use certain products.

Waterborne paint has started making its mark in the states, essentially following in Europe's footsteps. European standards in the 80s necessitated that solvents and other harmful paint products be drastically regulated to protect both the users and homeowners. This trend is quickly following suit in the U.S.

Creating a value proposition for your clients that includes their health and safety is one way to take your business to the next level. Informing clients that waterborne paint products do not contain high VOCs and formaldehyde, which off-gas for 30 days in their home should help them see the value you bring to the table. And without compromising the quality of the color or durability, your customers will be grateful that you've gone the extra mile to ensure that their health and safety are not left out of the equation.

There's a revolution happening in this country with regard to our personal well-being. You can see it in the food we eat, the protections from harmful household products, and even the toys are children play with. We should extend those protections to the paint products that wind up in our homes, the stains that coat our floors, and the clear coats that end up on our kitchen tables. By educating the homeowner on these necessary benefits, you've made the choice to better your business and its value proposition.

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