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Wooden Surface

Technical Information

Below you will find our most popular products with the downloadable Technical Data Sheets and Standard Operating Procedures. Please call or text (313) 512-4888 with any questions you may have.

HKr  Hka Series.png


Our premier paint

Our Italian, waterborne topcoat outperforms and outlasts many solvent-based systems. It is low VOC, highly durable, and levels extremely well. Download our Standard Operating Procedures and Technical Data Sheet below.


Our beloved clears

Our clears are quick-drying, retain the look and feel of the wood, and are very easy to work with. Use them in conjunction with our paints or even with our hardeners.

Copy of HKr  Hka Series.png
Copy of Copy of HKr  Hka Series.png


Our zero-VOC stains

Our interior stains contain no VOCs, they can be sprayed, brushed, or wiped, and they can be custom matched to your preference. 


Our quick-cure flooring product

Our flooring product will keep your clients in their home. Feel free to move the furniture back after 48 hrs. No smell, very durable, and easy to apply. One of our favorites.

Copy of Copy of Copy of HKr  Hka Series.png
Copy of Copy of Copy of HKr  Hka Series (1).png


Our cool dry glazes

Our dry glazes will impress. Easy to use, effective, and very unique looking after it's all said and done.


Our lasting deck stain & sealer

Our deck product is long-lasting and easy to apply. It's a 3-in-1, meaning it's a stain, sealer and topcoat in one product. It also has some amazing wood-preservation properties within it.

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